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A Global Platform.

The Internationalisation Unit is responsible for the maintenance of the faculty’s bilateral agreements and participation in international networks and organizations. It is also responsible to build and enhance a positive relationship with the media through the promotion of the faculty’s achievements, activities and events. Its mission is to become the catalyst to move international research collaboration and to promote FOM’s niche research areas to the international research community.

IU is responsible:

  • To promote national and international academic collaborations with academic institutions, governmental agencies and industries
  • To screen, support and monitor research collaborations
  • To facilitate signing and monitoring of partnership agreements (MOU/MOA)
  • To support researchers in research collaborations
  • To increase research visibility of FOM


  • Assist and engage in international linkages and collaboration
  • Establish and monitor international agreements such as MoUs/MoAs/MTAs
  • Coordinate international appointments involving research associates/fellows/visiting academics/ visiting research student
  • Facilitate international research visitations
  • Promote FOM partnership with industries
  • Improve FOM research visibility at international level

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Internationalisation Unit, Level 3, Block I, Faculty of Medicine