About – Research Integrity Unit


The Research Integrity & Ethics Unit aims to promote activities that would encourage conducting research with integrity that meet the professional standards expected of our researchers. The Faculty of Medicine encourages integrity in research by supporting research that is built on a commitment to honesty, respect, objectivity, accuracy and legally permissible. FOM is committed to supporting the development of a solid foundation towards responsible conduct of research through effective and proper procedures and policies.

RIU is responsible:

  • To conduct Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) workshop series
  • To hold RCR awareness campaign
  • To promote research ethics e-learning
  • To support ethics committee (IACUC & ECS-MP)


  • Responsible Conduct of Research workshop series
  • Responsible Conduct of Research awareness campaign
  • Secreteriat of FOM-Institutional of Animal Care & Use Committee (FOM-IACUC)
  • Ethics Consultative Service for Marginalised Populations (ECS-MP)