Laboratory Facilities


Animal Experimental Unit

The Animal Experimental Unit (AEU) was established in 2012 and is a 5-storey laboratory animal research facility of the Faculty of Medicine (FOM), University of Malaya. FOM also operates four satellite laboratories at the department of Biomedical Sciences, Parasitology, Pharmacology and Physiology. AEU and its satellite laboratories are AAALAC International accredited.

  • +603-7967 4770 /4768 /7577 /7564


The Central Research Laboratories (CRL) is designated as shared core labs that provide state-of-the-art technologies and conducive laboratory environment to help improve the productivity of research. The equipment are available for the use of research community.

  • +603-7967 7535/7579

Central unit for Advance Research Imaging (CENTUARI)

The main goal of our Central Unit is to explore the beauty of science. We provide multiple imaging facilities that covers cell imaging to molecular to in vivo animal or human imaging. 

  • +603-7949 2610

Biobank and Tumour Repository

Biobank Unit is a central tissue repository unit that can safely and efficiently handle and track a wide variety of biospecimens.The Biobank initiative was undertaken by UMCRI in 2010.It has now evolved to a facility that has banked more than 10000 good quality specimens and is bona fide unit under Faculty Of Medicine, University of Malaya. In May 2016,Biobank Unit completed a new freezer facility which host 20 unit of ultra-low temperature freezer.

  • +603-7967 7899

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